The Imagination Station Headquarters!

The Imagination Station Headquarters!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

2nd Grade: Intro to Crayon Resist and Non-Representational Art

For this Second Grade lesson, the students created two projects using crayon resist. The first was how to create block lettering for their names. I showed them in a demo of writing your name with a pencil large enough to take up most of a 6x18" white paper. Next, they took a crayon and outlined 1/2" all the way around the pencil line. They decorated with various patterns that were demonstrated with crayons. Then they put that project down.
The second crayon resist project was an introduction to non-representational art (abstract). We talked about how the various artists (Paul Klee, Kandinsky) created designs by overlapping and arranging the element of Shape and Line. The students traced and overlapped various shapes to make a design. I encouraged them to turn it upside down and rotate the artwork until they were satisfied with the composition.
The last class we added the wash. Pretty basic, just half a cup of water with a few drops of tempura paint! This was a good starter as the students were able to combine technical skills with imaginative elements for their final products! Enjoy!

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