The Imagination Station Headquarters!

The Imagination Station Headquarters!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

3rd Grade: Keith Haring inspired Display

For this year, I have been offered to teach all of the 3rd Graders! Great, but only once a week! Scheduling is super tough for any art teacher, and you begin to plan accordingly to certain classes.
I decided that I would teach the elements and principles to the students by studying one artist a month or for 4 periods. During the month of October, we looked at the compositional elements of line, color, pattern and figure of Keith Haring. The students were shown his work on the smartboard and we discussed his subject matter and line work. Next they were able to spend time on small reproductions of his work with index cards. They loved using the bold colors and strong line work!
Next, they were able to trace, cut and attach 2 figueres together to make a 3/D standing figure like one of Harings. The figures were decorated using line, shape and pattern. This was a fun way to introduce a simple sculpture method, one that they would be able to try at home with any object they chose to create! They really enjoyed working with this artist and were excited that he was a local NYC artist!

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  1. I know my students really enjoyed working on this project. Great job!