The Imagination Station Headquarters!

The Imagination Station Headquarters!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

1st and 2nd, Intro to Patterns/ Pattern Fish

Sadly, this year I only see one First grade and one Second grade one time a week...another words, 45 min a week! Trust me, that is not much time to work with them!
Soooo, this month we learned/reviewed patterns in nature. The students were introduced to ocean life through the non-fiction book Coral Reef and the fictional book The Rainbow Fish. Next, I gave a demo for them to understand how to create patterned fish like the ones we read about. They started by tracing a fish template, then cutting it out with scissors. Next, I showed them how to "block" off the parts of the fish using various line and shape patterns from the review. Next of course came color, being sure to create a very bright friend! After the first book and demo, they finished one patterned fish to take home. I popped a hole and added string for them to hang at home. The following week we read the next book, reveiwed the process and off to work they went. While they were working independently, I cut out a large blue sheet of paper for a mural. I used old scrap paper to whip up some colorful coral, then as they finished we taped them down with old faithful, mr. ductape. This way, they can take them back in the future. This is one of two animal patterned projects, so stay tuned!

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