The Imagination Station Headquarters!

The Imagination Station Headquarters!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

PK-Kinder Jan. 2014: Van Gogh Sunflowers

For this lesson, the students in Pre-K and Kindergarten were introduced to the artist Vincent Van Gogh.  At this point of the school year, the kids know about line, shape and colors which we have been studying since September. Now, it is my goal to teach them how to combine these elements to make recognizable and meaningful work. The students began by watching a video about Van Gogh on Afterwords, they were read a book about his life and work. Now the demo's begin! I used oil pastel to show them how sunflowers can be drawn with circles and curved triangles for leaves. Next they used green to draw the stems, ovals and curved lines for the vase, and a horizontal line from side to side to create the table. This makes the picture grounded, so that the flowers are not "floating" on the page. The next day they are given a demo on basic watercolor technique and off to work they go! So uninhibited, they love the bright colors and easy access to numerous color choices. If they go over the lines, oh well, the oil pastel shapes still stay strong. Great job to the many artists! As certain children finish early, I handed out a floral coloring sheet by famous artist, Claude Monet who also worked with sunflowers in 1881! Enjoy!

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