The Imagination Station Headquarters!

The Imagination Station Headquarters!

Monday, March 17, 2014

5th Grade Tessellations: Intro to M.C. Escher

For this lesson, I needed to challenge the 5th Grade students, whom many have had me as a teacher for over 5 years. Every Year I emphasize and teach into Patterns, so the tessellations fit in nicely with that principle of art as well as the Math Common Core Standards. We spent the first class observing his work on the smart board, really taking a look of the span of his illustrations. We stop and look at how the tessellations are similar to jigsaw puzzles, parts that fit without space between them. The students saw a teacher example of tessellating stencils that I had previously bought. This is the problem solving aspect that some pick up on, while others need a helping hand with getting started. The tessellations should span the whole paper, from one side to the next. The next period the students spend outlining with 2 or 3 colored markers. I explain that this is the color aspect of pattern that they would have learned years before. Finally, they are encouraged to take their time and color within the animals with crayon, alternating between colors. If students finish early, I have some great tessellation coloring sheets that they can work on to give the slower students time to catch up! Enjoy! Mr. Mac

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