The Imagination Station Headquarters!

The Imagination Station Headquarters!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Manipulate This...Paper Sculpture 1st Gra

Once the dust settled on this past month of Sept, the 1st Graders dove head first into Line and Shape. Often I have started with drawing or painting, but this year I went the old dependable and always exciting project...Paper Sculpture!
The students began with a demo on how to manipulate the strips into straight, zigzag, curved and wavy lines. Next came folding and attaching shapes such as circles, squares and triangles. These were all shapes and lines that we worked with last year, so just a good refresher.
They began by working in small groups collabortively, the ones that struggled had additional help from other stronger students. Next period they colored to create patterns on individual oaktag. They did have pattern examples on their tables that I provided.
Finally the students attacked their own sculptures after a quick smart board lesson on Day 3. Honestly I just googled 'Line and Shape Sculptures' and we had discussion of similarities and differences with their own attempts.
The ones who finished early had the time to apply torn pieces on top of the paper strips to create a bit more detail. Sure made them feel accomplished out the gate for the school year!!
*The attached picture is a handout I recieved at a Blueprints for the Arts workshop I attended with NYCDOE (these workshops are great, and freeeee!!!). It shows how this and many other activities in the Visual Arts align with the Standards for Mathematical Practice (COMMON CORE, yikes).These are our ammunition when asked why the Arts are relevant in kids school days...another words why they should  pay you to teach it.

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